Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Water Water Every Where

We've just had a wonderful week with Mum who flew across from Sydney.  Mum has visited Western Australia several times, though not in recent years, so we thought we'd visit places that have changed in recent times.

One of those places was Mandurah that's approximately one hour south of Perth and has grown expediently in the last 10 years from an isolated holiday community to a major regional area of Western Australia with a  railway line and freeway linking it to Perth.

Mandurah is situated on the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary and is one of Australia's largest inlet system and is twice the size of Sydney Harbour. The city itself lies in and around the waterway system with a large number of suburbs having been built around artificially created canal systems. Some of these houses are massive with large cars parked out the front and big boats out the back on the water.

We had a quiet picnic next to the beach, watching boats and kite surfers enjoying the sea breeze.
Beach alongside Halls Head Parade

Lazy days

The old and the new

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