Sunday, 28 April 2013

Golf, Golf and More Golf

We have a list of all the golf courses in Perth and our plan is to play 9 holes at each course before we head back to the East. We've already made a great start and I would think we might play on each course a few times before we leave this great state.

Anyway below is a summary of the courses we've so far played on.

28/4/13 Lake Claremont Public Golf Course - A very small par 3 course with the longest fairway being 134 metres and the average about 88 metres. The greens are rough and it is small but the people are very friendly. It's a good course for the short game or a quick practice and it only costs $10.

27/4/13 Embleton Public Golf Course - A small tight 9 hole par 3 and 4 golf course with a cost of $14 on weekends. The course is on a slope but no water and few bunkers, we booked but I think you could just turn up.

20/4/13 Marangaroo Golf Course - Very busy 18 hole course with a driving range. This is the first time we've been paired up with two other players who said they were beginners, well when they hit the ball onto the green in one hit we realised they weren't beginners, but they were very understanding of this slow girl.  A lovely course with lots of wallabies minding their own business and only one water spot but plenty of bunkers.  On weekends it's $20 for 9 holes.

6/4/13 (and many other times) Wembly Public Golf Course - This is an amazing 36 hole golf course with a fully automative driving range - you don't have to place the ball on the ground as the ball pops up and all you do is hit the ball.  The two 18 hole courses are very different but both very well kept and beautiful.  Don't just turn up and expect to play, you should really book and it's about $20 during the week and $24 on weekends for 9 holes.

29/3/13 Point Walter Golf Course - This course is on the south side of the river with water views from most holes. A well maintained course which has a practice fairway, it's a little hilly but very beautiful. On weekends 9 holes is $16 and we didn't need to book.

10/3/13 Rosehill Country Club - As the name suggests there are beautiful roses to greet you on arrival but unfortunately every 3 minutes or so a plane is taking off from Perth Airport and this golf course is directly under the flight path. We only played the first 9 holes which was a bit boring but we've been told the last 9 holes are beautiful. Again another course we didn't have to book on a Sunday afternoon and we paid $20 for the 9 holes.

22/1/13 Fremantle Public Golf Course - This was a hot summers day and I wanted to practice, instead I should have gone to the Wembly driving range as I would have at least been in the shade.  The day I played it must have been at least 36 degrees and the course was very dry with little shade. Since then I've driven pass the course and it seems lush and green - so it maybe just not an attractive course in summer. The fairways are very much up and down with plenty of bunkers and during the week I paid $16 for 9 holes.

20/1/13 Maylands Peninsula Public Golf Course - We were glad that we booked as this course was beautiful and busy.  Its a beautiful lush, flat course next to the river on the north side, with very friendly people. We both really enjoyed playing here as on this summer's day there was a beautiful breeze off the water and the fairways were the right length for us between 178 metres and 457 metres and it's flat. On weekends 9 holes cost $18.

5/1/13 Altone Park - This was another hot summers day of 40 degrees but the fairways were green and surrounded by water, which has a cooling affect. We found this to be a tight course that's fairly difficult, the people are friendly and on weekends it's $17 for 9 holes.

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