Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shenton Park Western Australia

It is now just over a month since Tim and I moved to this amazing state of Western Australia. To make the most of this opportunity I thought I would share my discoveries with anyone that would like to look at this site.

Today I've begun this recording by showing you a small snap shot of our suburb.

I hope you enjoy and in time discover like I will, what Western Australia has to offer.

Shenton Park is a suburb of Perth, located within the City of Subiaco and approximately 4 km west of the city of Perth. The suburb is named after the park, which was the name of the original owner of the land, George Shenton. Prior to 1996 the lake in the park was known as Shenton Park Lake but it was changed to the aboriginal name Jualbup, which means a place where water rises in the season of spring. This area is sacred to the Nyungah people as it is an ancient burial site. The lake is generally full during the winter months but can dry up completely during summer. A variety of birdlife and also turtles can be found around the lake.

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  1. what a great idea to make the world a little smaller and people a little closer, looking forward to your updates xx