Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hot Summer Nights

Perth is experiencing the hottest summer on record with an average overnight temperature in the last week of 22 degrees and during the day 36 degrees.

We've battled through the heat by heading to our local beach (City Beach) for an evening swim. Last night we took a picnic and spoke to some locals who also had the same idea. One young couple lived in a unit not air conditioned in the city and spent most of their evenings at the beach so their 2 year old son could run around and stay cool. The husband was telling us that he works out on a rig off Karratha, which is just below Port Hedland and works 3 on and 3 off.  I ignorantly asked is that 3 days on and 3 days off but with a smile from him he and a laugh from his wife he said no its 3 weeks on doing 12 hour shifts each day and 3 weeks off at home.

It's a different world over here on the west with many people living lives like this couple, recently I meet a women at the Dragon Boat Racing whose husband is away a lot. I thought he probably worked in the mines up north but on questioning he works in Nigeria.

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