Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Home of Football

Subiaco the home of football - that is Aussie Rules not rugby union or rugby league.

The locals are very displeased!
There is much controversy as the West Australia Football Commission has arranged sponsorship with Patersons Security to change the name of the home of football from Subiaco Oval to Patersons Stadium.

Subiaco itself is our town, where we pick up the mail, do the shopping, buy fresh fruit and vegies from the markets, have a coffee, go to the gym etc.

Subiaco is an old suburb of Perth which was settled in 1851 by the Italian Benedictine monks who named the area after a town east of Rome in Italy where the founder of the Order of Saint Benedict, Benedict of Nursia begun his work.  The monks also named a town in the USA by the same name.

Over the last 20- 30 years Subiaco has been transformed from an older working class area to one of Perth's most trendy suburbs with beautiful old homes, lots of green space and a cafe strip in the centre of town.

Rokeby Road
Subiaco Hotel
Subiaco Markets

Regal Theatre for live entertainment 

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