Friday, 15 July 2011

School Holidays and AC/DC

I'd forgotten that it's school holidays over here and headed off this week to visit the Perth Museum and see the AC/DC exhibition (I wonder what the members of the band think of themselves being shown in a museum).

The exhibition was full of Dad's with their son's and die hard fans of all ages viewing the story of AC/DC from the early days up until today.  Some of their costumes were on display with of course the school uniform and other costumes such as superman and the devil.  Included in the display were personal letters that band members sent while on tour to family and friends.

What I enjoyed most was the large screen showing one of AC/DC's concerts with the camera occasionally showing the audience, you could feel the buzz that the band must get when the audience goes wild! The sound system was fantastic and you really felt you were part of it.

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