Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Bold and Beautiful

I've just returned to Perth after spending a week staying with two of my sisters at Harbord, now know as Freshwater. It was one of those special times where I was able to spend time with my family, going for coffee with my Dad at Dee Why beach, cooking up a storm for my sisters and for Mum.

While I was there I got up early a couple of mornings and followed one of my sisters into Manly who regularly swims with The Bold and Beautiful.

The Bold and Beautiful are a very informal group of up to 50 people during winter and probably more in summer who swim from Manly out to Shelly Beach and back. These are brave souls, I was very tempted but after nightmares of cramping up in the cold water I decided to wait until my next visit in summer.  Swimmers meet each morning at 7am and give themselves such challenges as completing 20 swims over winter and in summer swimming 6km or 10km.

To find out more about this group go to www.pacificjules.com.au

Sunrise at Manly Beach

The Bold and Beautiful

The Bold and Beautiful
Dee Why baths

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