Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Chasing The Little White Ball

Since living in Perth I've been taking golf lessons which not only has been great to learn the techniques but it's also been fantastic to meet other people who are thrilled to give advice to a new comer to Perth as to what places we should visit.

Today it was suggested that I visit Bold Park, which over the last 7 months I've been driving past but hadn't really noticed. Bold Park is a coastal bushland reserve with fantastic 360 degree views and as Perth is a fairly flat city, after visiting I can appreciate why it was suggested.

There are lots and lots of golf courses around, but the one I've been having lessons at is Wembley Golf Course, which is a 36 hole public golf course with an automated driving range - you don't even have to bend down as the balls pop up for you to hit. Tim and I have also been going to Lake Claremont Golf Course that's a 3 par course at $10 a game. Also my golfing friends and I are now attempting to play at some other golf courses, we don't score it's just a hit and a giggle.

Upstairs on the automated driving range Wembley Golf Course

View from Bold Park

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