Monday, 21 November 2011

A Hidden Gem

A couple of weeks ago I commenced a pattern making course at a campus located at Heathcote Applecross. This location is a hidden gem of Perth and one that is not on the tourist map!

Heathcote is located on a hill with spectacular 180-degree views of the Swan River where in another life it was a locked mental health institute in operation from 1929 to 1994.  Since it's closure it has been taken over by community activities such as play group, adult education classes, studio, gallery, cafe and restaurant called Blue Waters.

We went to Blue Waters yesterday for lunch, sitting outside watching the sailing boats fly along the river, enjoying the view towards Kings Park and the city while eating one of the better meals I've eaten since living in Perth.

The buildings are of historical significants, as the manager of the restaurant was telling us one of the rooms in the restaurant has a mural that someone in their wisdom painted over. Restoration has began but it will be a very slow process with only two small squares having been completed, it's costing $800 per square inch. As there are many many more square inches to do I don't think it will be completed for a very long time.

View across to Kings Park 

Remains of lunch

Blue Waters Restaurant facing the river

zoom shot of the city

outside the restaurant

A square of the mural

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