Monday, 14 November 2011


For a long time I've heard that The Pinnacles is a highlight of Western Australia and a place to visit, but after talking to some locals they suggested "don't bother it's boring and there's much better places to visit".

Well on the weekend we ignored the locals advice and took to the road approximately 250 kilometres north of Perth to The Pinnacles. On the way we stopped at Lancelin which is a beautiful quiet coastal village that relies on the fishing industry and tourism as it has ideal wind and water conditions for wind surfing and has made a name for itself internationally. We enjoyed sitting on the grassy edge of the beach, having a bit to eat while watching the wind surfers out on the turquoise waves, the fish being caught along the white sandy beach and soaked up the sun before heading back to the road traveling north.

We went directly to Cervantes which is a sleepy coastal town named after an American whaling ship wrecked nearby in 1844. There's not much happening in Cervantes besides the fishing industry and accommodation for visitors to the Pinnacles. We decided to stay the night and visit the Nambung National Park where the Pinnacles are located the following day.

The Pinnacles are said to be a unique sight with the limestone spikes rising out of the sand up to a couple of metres in height. You can either walk up to them and or drive around the desert park. We decided on both as it was too warm to walk around the park especially with the intensity of the sun.

The Pinnacles are interesting but I think the locals are spot on the money.


The Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park


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