Saturday, 24 March 2012

Middle Harbour and more on the Sharks

I thought I knew Sydney but I'm quickly realising that in 30 years of only visiting, things have changed.
Back in the day Middle Harbour was a military area where the general public were excluded, but now it's part of Sydney Harbour National Park.

The other day I was invited to lunch at a restaurant called Burnt Orange and as I drove through Mosman towards the restaurant I realised that I was entering the old exclusion zone along Middle Head Road. It was breath taking, not only the view but also the amount of bush land that's so close to Sydney. I understand there are many walking paths around the national park, there's also several restaurants located in different areas through the park and the National Parks take guided tours through the old forts exploring the extensive tunnels, gun pits and the 'Tiger Cages' that were used to train soldiers by simulating prisoner of war conditions in Vietnam.

By the way I swam again with the 'sharks', I still can't see them but everyone tells me they're there, my fear is just as great and maybe even greater but I'm determined to overcome it. As evidence of sharks - Julie who coordinates the Bold and Beautiful swims each day with her camera and below is a photo of a baby shark on my first swim.
View from Middle Harbour - North and South Heads 

Sydney Harbour

Burnt Orange Restaurant
The Shark

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