Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Narrabeen Lakes

It's very tempting and I know it's cheating to talk about somewhere I've been to in the past; with that in mind I'm keeping true to the title and sticking to things that I've done only in the previous week.

This morning instead of going to the gym I got out my push bike and decided to discover something new for me, which is Narrabeen Lakes.  Even though I spent my first 28 years in this area I've only driven past the lakes and so today I discovered that this is a special place where the bushland meets the water, where there's meandering footpath's through the reserve and where urban life meets the bush. 

I noticed play equipment for children, BBQ areas, a sailing club, caravan park, kakaking and I found out there's markets every 3rd Sunday of the month - so something for everyone to enjoy at Narrabeen Lakes.
This morning it was very peaceful with only a few others enjoying the scenery; as it was early I could hear many different species of birds including seeing the black swan that's native to Dee Why. There was one couple who were probably in their late 60's who I began chatting to about the black swans in Western Australia (WA) etc and they said they were locals, born and breed here. The husband said he'd never been to WA and probably would never go there as why would he want to when he lived in such a beautiful place - again insular peninsular!

The northern beaches maybe beautiful and people maybe happy just living here but I would suggest they are missing out on the joy of experiencing new adventures and challenges that go with travel.

On the south side of Narrabeen Lakes facing east

Black Swans

Meandering path

Facing west

Bilarong Sanctuary on the north side of Narrabeen Lakes
On the north side of the lake

Looking south

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