Monday, 6 June 2011

Avon Valley

We've just had a long weekend for the Western Australia Foundation Day and so we headed out to the Avon Valley located about 90km east of Perth, which had been recommended to us as a must place to visit.

The drive to Avon Valley reminded us of the countryside around Bowral with the township of York having a Gyp just like Bowral except that it's not populated. York is a small town of approximately 3,000 and is the oldest inland town in WA that originally relied on wheat and the sheep industry but now focuses on tourism.  Not all businesses have a tourism focus as we went to one of the bistro's for lunch at 1.40pm and was told the kitchen had just closed. We spent the afternoon enjoying what was for offer including admiring the beautiful old buildings and then finding a small cafe that was frantically busy to enjoy lunch sitting out in the sunshine.

There's a small market located in the Old Mill that has beautifully crafted timber furniture and a fantastic Alpaca shop with the owner being very passionate about her product. I bought 200 gm of beautiful hand painted alpaca wool, which I can't wait to start knitting to see how it knits up.  In York there's also  a motor vehicle museum and the usual variety of tourist shops.

We also drove to another town called Beverley that has a gliding and skydiving industry but didn't seem to have much else except for primary industry.

The Old Mill

A beautiful piece of furniture for sale at the Old Mill

The York Town Hall

Inside the town hall

Beverley Town Hall

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