Friday, 3 June 2011

Not Enough Hours In The Week

After having worked full time until we moved to Perth I thought I would have plenty of opportunities to do all the things that I wanted to do but I'm struggling.  It's all my sporting activities that prevent me from the sewing, quilting and other things that I also love to do. Yoga three times week, the gym, swimming, golf lesson plus practice and then fitting in my walking training - a hard life!  I'm not working but I still really look forward to the weekend just to have a rest.

What a winger you say or I would say if I heard it being said when I was working, but in saying all that I love it and I pinch myself everyday and say how lucky I am.

I went out today for a 15km walk and discovered parliament hill, I don't know if its called that but that's what I'll call it, parliament house is located here with other government buildings overlooking the city. Opposite parliament house is Solidarity Park that's dedicated to free speak and includes memorials for many people who have been killed in work place injuries. One very moving memorial was for a teenager who was killed at work it even included his hard hat.

Parliament House 

Parking spaces outside Parliament House ? for the members of Parliament

 A beautiful old house and green space

Dumas House is a government building which seems to be out of place as it sits next to the beautiful old building above

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  1. You and Tim have work hard all your lives, what a great reward to now be able to indulge your passion for all your sports and hobbies. good on you, you go for it girl.