Friday, 24 June 2011

Two Weeks Into One

Last night we returned to Perth after two weeks on the east coast, Tim working some of the time and the remaining time enjoying the company of family and friends, a bit of winter weather and partaking in the culinary delights that are on offer at Munong located at Smiggin Holes.

As you would expect at the opening of the ski session, Smiggin Holes was cold but lucky for us the icy wind wasn't around. Unfortunately for anyone that listened to the radio or TV and then headed to the snow, they would have been dreadfully disappointed as most announcers were very creative in their description of the snow, whereas in reality there wasn't much snow.  As usual Peter and Terry prepared and served us incredible meals and to counteracted the eating fest we hit the slopes to walk off some of the amazing food.

After three days it was back up to the sometimes wet and cold Sydney where we enjoyed catching up with everyone and also attempting to spot a whale. Between June and September most Sydney sider's have a need to get outdoors to try to capture whales frolicking around on their annual migration to the warmer northern waters. We were no different to everyone else and not only saw whales off The Gap at Watsons Bay but also saw Peter, Sue and family on their boat trying to sight the whales as well.

All the photo's are thanks to Tim's creativity as I neglected to take my camera.
The welcoming wet streets of Sydney

Smiggin Holes

On a walk

The Gap Watsons Bay

Peter Sue & family

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