Friday, 27 May 2011

Therese has just departed after spending four  days in Perth giving me the opportunity to be a tourist again.  On Thursday instead of just driving through the Swan Valley like previously I actually had the chance to discover what the Swan Valley has to offer.

The Swan Valley is a 20 minute drive east of Perth, it's the oldest wine growing region in Western Australia with many of the vineyards still owned by descendants of the european emigrants. It's also the home to breweries and other food products.

Our first stop was the information centre where a volunteer gave us great advise on which establishments to visit. Meeting this volunteer was the beginning of a day where all the people we meet were very passionate about their products and enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge with us.

The day was full of tasting and learn all about coffee, chocolate, wine, cheese, honey, olives and even tasting lavender scones.

Our first stop after the information centre was at Yahava Koffee Works where an Italian gentleman gave us a variety of coffees to taste and  an insight into roasting coffee beans (cracked 1, 2 or 3) and how to use an espresso coffee maker.  We learnt that the coffee bean that's roasted to a crack 1 or 2 is lighter in colour and has more caffeine than the much richer and darker coffee bean that's roasted longer to a crack 3.

Another wonderful experience was at the Olive Farm, which is actually a vineyard but produce marinate olives as a secondary product, not only was the wine beautiful but they were very happy to share their secrets on marinating olives.  The two honey farms we visited taught us all about the queen bee, bee hives, honey and the use of honey for medicinal purposes. All of this exposure lead us to purchasing many fine products to enjoy at home.

All in all it was a great day, where lunch was provided by the way of samples  and our thirst quenched by the taste of wine, coffee and honey sparkled water.

Beautiful vines at Lacaster Vineyard

Yahava Koffee Works 

House of Honey and the rare Jarrah honey

Windarra Honey

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