Friday, 20 May 2011

Creative Inspiration

Today is one of the first wet, cooler days we've had since living in Perth, it's been a top of 19 degree's; not what we could call a winters day but certainly a different day to what we've gotten used to in Perth. As golf was cancelled this morning and I'd been on a long walk yesterday I decided to attend the Craft & Quilt Fair at the Exhibition Centre Perth. The fair was truly amazing where many talented people from all over Australia showed their craft and provided lots of inspiration.

I went there today expecting to spend just a few hours but by the end of the day I had been fortunate enough to attend 4 half hour workshops with each workshop providing information on a new technique that I can use in my quilting. Things I had never heard of such as shrinking fabric after quilting so as to provide another dimension to the piece and the use of biase to make quilting so much easier.

There was also a quilting exhibition with a section having a theme called The Seven Deadly Sins and other  quilts that were all pieces of art.  All in all it was very inspiring and I've got loads of ideas to use with the quilt I'm currently making and for future use.

One of the award winning quilts for the 7 Deadly Sins

Another award winner

An interpretation of Seven Deadly Sins

This quilt was called Lunch at Mums

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