Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Walk Around The Swan

I'm now in training for a 135km walk over 7 days in August; as it's May I need to get my walking boots on and start walking.  Yesterday I decided to start my walking plan by going out and walking approximately 20km, how silly am I as today I'm feeling it from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. It was another beautiful day in Perth with big blue skies, temperature around 26 with very little breeze blowing and the scenery was breathtaking making this a very easy walk.

I decided to walk up and over Kings Park, around the entertainment centre in Perth, across to the Swan River, then around the Swan River crossing the Causeway and coming around South Perth which is situated on the opposite side of the river and then up and over Kings Park - it was very beautiful. I even saw Dolphins, on the southern bank of the river opposite the city, there were 3 fins that came out of the water three times, I was truly shocked and stopped a person walking in the opposite direction to confirm what I saw.  Apparently the Dolphins are often in the river and also frequent a place call Matilda Bay, so I think next week my walk will lead me to this spot.

The Swan River is a large river that at one point is 4km wide and meanders over 175kms until it reaches the mouth at Fremantle Harbour.
From the banks of the Swan River at Perth looking over at South Perth

 Close to The Causeway

Looking across to South Perth near The Causeway

WA emblem

South Perth

East View  from the Narrow Bridge

Jacobs Ladder approximately 220 steps leading up to Kings Park 

Within Kings Park on the way home

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