Saturday, 14 May 2011

More Walking

The weather in Perth is now changing with the mornings and evenings requiring a long sleeve top but by 10am it's time to peel off the layers and get back into something sleeveless as the days are still magnificent.  When we first moved over to Perth the weather was 36 each day and during this time I made a commitment to Tim that each weekend I'd go into the surf. But this weekend I couldn't do it, the wind and the water were just too cool for me so I'll have to get a wetsuit if I'm going to join Tim in the surf all year round.

This last week I've been much more sensible and have gone for two walks instead of one long walk, each walk has been around 12 -15 kilometers and I feel fine. Both involved walking in different directions along the Swan River and included Kings Park, which I'm still discovering.

Tuesday I walked around the perimeter of Kings Park across to the Swan River and ended in a south westerly direction from Matilda Bay towards Nedlands and then headed inland through suburbia, it wasn't very interesting and as I left early in the morning it was quiet cool. On Thursday I walked through Kings Park and around to Matilda Bay but then headed north west towards Riverside Drive, over near the WACA Oval and through the city. This was a much nicer walk as I didn't leave until after 10am and I was entertained along the way by my music and having a chat to one of our beautiful daughters.

Unfortunately my walking is now impacting on my swimming, I belong to a masters swimming group called Snappers who meet twice a week but with all my other activities I think I'll have to reduce the swimming to once a week at least until the I've completed the walk in August (what a life!).

Last night Tim & I had our first taste of some night life over here that's comparable to Sydney. We went down to Fremantle where we discovered a vibrant area, alive with an assortment of restaurants and drinking establishments.  We ended up going see a movie called Mad Bastards which is at a cinema chain called Luna Palace - I'm sure it's linked to Palace cinema's in Sydney as Luna have all the art house movies and film festivals.
Matilda Bay with the city in the distance

Nedlands Rugby Club and oval

On the Swan River

Exercise equipment along the Swan - you'll find these at most beaches and parklands

First church built in Perth in 1843 - a catholic church not on the top of a hill but the most recently built church is on the top.

Town Hall Perth

Shopping arcade in Perth

An elderly lady who looked very cute

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